Orange Fab とは、本気でグローバルに挑戦する日本、アジアのスタートアップを支援する3ヶ月間のプログラムです

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Air Liquide
AXA Direct
Daiwa House
Renault Samsung Motor

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12-weeks of opportunities

12-weeks of opportunities

Orange Fab Asia is a selective 12-week accelerator?program, created by?Orange Labs Tokyo (OLT). We’re designed to provide you guidance, support, and help ease your way into accessing one of the?largest telecommunication companies?in the world. Orange Fab Asia is intended for Asia -based start-ups with an existing product that could benefit from accessing Orange’s distribution channels, markets, executive expertise and global footprint.
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Orangefab mentor Shin IwataOrangefab mentor Junghee RYUI-Chien
mentor Tak MiyataOrangefab mentor Simon (Seokheun) KangOrangefab mentor Mark Hsu

Global network of mentors and partners

You will attend mentoring sessions with entrepreneurs, executives, and VCs from Asian local ecosystem, Europe, and US. Orange’s relevant experts will also have a meeting with you. In addision, global corporations give you various kinds of support.
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Orangefab DemoDay Program

demo days in Tokyo/Seoul/Taipei and Paris

In addition to the Demo Day in your own country, you will have an opportunity to attend either, or even both of the Demo Day in other two countries in Asia. You’ll present to local affluent network of influential angels, VCs, and corporate execs in Tokyo/Seoul/Taipei. We’ll fly some of you selected to join in the international demo day held in Paris once a year and to meet the top decision makers of Orange as well as start-ups in other Orange Fab programs.

Orangefab NetWorking

exclusive events

We hold series of events in three cities, Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei which include: lectures, workshops, meet-ups, social gatherings, that cover a breadth of topics including, and definitely not limited to: marketing, advertising, product growth, design, legal, fundraising, etc… Every week you will be entertained by the minds of entrepreneurs and influential leaders that flood the industry. Our goal is to provide you with the undivided
attention your start-up needs to become successful.