about Orange

About Orange

Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with sales of 41 billion euros in 2017 and 150,000 employees worldwide at 31 March 2018, including 91,000 employees in France. The Group has a total customer base of 263 million customers worldwide at 31 March 2018, including 202 million mobile customers and 20 million fixed broadband customers. The Group is present in 28 countries. Orange is also a leading provider of global IT and telecommunication services to multinational companies, under the brand Orange Business Services. In March 2015, the Group presented its new strategic plan “Essentials2020” which places customer experience at the heart of its strategy with the aim of allowing them to benefit fully from the digital universe and the power of its new generation networks.

Who is Orange Labs Tokyo (OLT)?

Orange Labs Tokyo, created in July 2001, is located right at the heart of the highly innovative Japanese ecosystem – famous worldwide for its advanced mobile and fixed network infrastructure, unique broadband digital services and cool consumer gadgets. The Center leverages this position to anticipate new trends and deliver differentiating products and services to the Group, inspired by and developed in collaboration with our regional partners. A team is also present in Seoul, South Korea, to ensure the Group can also take advantage of innovations arising from this growing industrial powerhouse.