Founder & CEO
G3 Partners

Nathan Millard

Nathan Millard is Founder & CEO of G3 Partners (, a leading Communications agency that works exclusively with startups in Asia. G3 Partners helps startups achieve communication results in support of actual business goals like new market entry, raising investment, increasing user growth and hiring top talent. This is achieved by helping startups truly understand their business and value proposition to target stakeholders like customers, investors and the media, then actioning communication strategy that forwards business goals.
Nathan has spent most of the last ten years in Asia helping bootstraps to established businesses communicate more effectively cross-border. Prior to founding G3 Partners he was Korea’s most active startup writer in English, helped organise several major startup conferences in both Seoul and Silicon Valley, taught entrepreneurship at one of Seoul’s top business schools and led several multi-country acceleration programs for startups in Asia and the USA. Nathan earned his bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of London.