Orange Fab Asiaソウルは9月28日にシーズン4のDemo DayをTIPS(Tech Incubator Program for Statups in Korea) townで、French Tech Seoul、CCEI(Center for Creative Economy and Innovation), KISED(Korea Institute of Statup and Entrepreneurship Development)そしてEura Technologiesの協力の下、開催しました。
Eura Technologyのディレクター、Raouti Cheih氏によるフランスのスタートアップエコシステムについてのスピーチに続いて、4カ国から来た20のスタートアップが100名以上の参加者に向けてプレゼンテーションとデモを行いました。

5 startups from Orange Fab Asia in Seoul

  • Amadas : DIY type electronic door lock that can be controlled via app and recharged by smartphone light
  • E2 Communications : IoT smart factory platform for small and medium-sized manufacturer
  • Kono Labs : Scheduler application powered by artificial intelligence
  • NexSys : LTE connected helmet and wearable sensors for safety of workers
  • Qubit Security : real time anti-hacking solution based on server log analysis

2 startups from Orange Fab Asia in Tokyo

  • Crowdcredit : Cross-border marketplace lending platform
  • Trabble : Hyper local mobile social eConcierge service for travelers

3 startups from Orange Fab Asia in Taipei

5 startups from nationwide CCEI

  • Amuse travel: Travel agency for the disabled peoples.
  • DANUON: Barrier-free platform for visually impaired smartphone user.
  • KTB solution: Smart device security using a touch screen and front camera.
  • MtoV: Connected car and IoT smart parking solutions using connecting technologies.
  • SketchON: Hand-held printer for skin.

4 promising Local startups

  • NAMU: Smart device that help posture correction.
  • BASWEN: Smart pill dispenser which drops one pill at a time.
  • Lightors: Traditional-size battery recharged by usb port or wireless recharger.
  • Mopic : Glasses-free 3D mobile devices using eye-tracking and real time rendering solution.

1 French Startup being accelerated in Korea under the program K-Startup Grand Challenge.

  • MyMusicTeacher: A cross-platform application for guitar teaching.

また、イベントの中で、Orange Fab Seoulのシーズン5のキックオフを行い、以下の5社が紹介されました。

  • NORMA : “AtEar” is a moveable wireless network vulnerabilities checking solution
  • Puzzles: A smart coin bank that will help to collect coins through shops
  • Innoplaylab: A robot with most advanced technologies such as voice interaction with human, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning,
  • SecuLetter: email security solution
  • MovingKey: “TiltCode”, an interactive mobile content sharing service for OOH advertisements done by tilting or turning a device