Founder of NexR
Adjunct Professor of KAIST Business School

Jason (Jaesun) Han

Jason(Jaesun) Han founded NexR Inc. in 2007 which was the first big data and cloud computing tech startup in Korea and acquired by KT in 2011. Under his leadership NexR created “icube cloud” in 2009 which was the first public cloud service in Korea and was used by mobile app developers. Jason worked as a CEO of NexR and a tech evangelist for big data and cloud computing technologies. In addition, he has organized Korea Hadoop Community and hosted PlatformDay conference since 2007 which is the most well-known big dat tech conference in Korea. He also organized the Consortium of Cloud Computing Research(CCCR) in 2008 and worked as the first chairman of the board.
Prior to his position at NexR, Jason worked in TmaxSoft and was the first developer of JEUS, a web application server which is the most popular WAS product in Korea. He has served as an adjunct professor of KAIST Business School since 2007 and teaches state-of-the-art IT trends and technologies. he is a proactive advocate of entrepreneurship in Korea and encourages his students to create their own startup.
Jason received MS and PhD of EECS from KAIST and a BA from Pusan National University.