35 startups participated in Fall 2016 Tokyo Demo Day and French Tech Tour

On December 5th, Orange Fab Asia held the 6th Tokyo Demo Day for Fall 2016 season. 17 startups in the season of the programs in Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei pitched and exhibited at the booths with 7 guest startups from G-CCEI and K-Startup Global Challenge from Korea, and DMM.make AKIBA.


  • Orange Fab Tokyo: BONX, Cerevo, FiNC, Ikemu Japan, MoBagel, Pirika
  • Orange Fab Seoul: InnoplayLab, MovingKey, NORMA, Puzzles, SecuLetter
  • Orange Fab Taipei: Adenovo, Athentek, Bowhead Technology, Grass Wonder, INSTO, PAIX
  • G-CCEI: Atto Cube, Homo Mimicus, NAMU
  • DMM.make AKIBA: Dmet Products, primesap

Followed by the Demo Day, French Tech Tour event was launched by Ms. Muriel PENICAUD, the CEO of Business France, French government’s organization to promote technology and industry. 11 French technology companies below pitched to the audiences.

French Tech Tours companies

Bell & Wyson, Questel, Quividi, Upmem, Archean, Kuzzle, Uwinloc, Lendix, Valphi, Magency, Secure IC

During the session, Orange’s CSR Challenge was announced by Brigitte Dumont, CSR Cheif Officer of Orange. The below 2 companies got the award respectively.

  • Pirika: Invitation to CSR related exhibition in France next year
  • Kaliop: Access to Orange Japan office space for a month

After the pitch session, the joint event with French Tech Tour had the exhibition time by all the 35 companies to directly discuss with the over 140 guests at the booth followed by a cocktail party.