Fall 2018 Tokyo Demo Day Startups

Tokyo Season 10

  • Flicfit: 3D scanner and cloud platform for foot and shoes
  • Liberaware: Small drone for indoor
  • Oton Glass: Smart glasses to assist reading for visually impaired people
  • Vaqso: Scent Device for VR
  • Zenport: Salesforce for international trade

Seoul Season 9

  • FTC : Impact touch case which is touchable with everything
  • THE CODER : Apply technology inserting data into the objects for Fin Tech
  • O2O: AI Speaker controlling TV
  • is it fresh : NFC-enabled IoT sensor tags As-A-Service
  • Nepes Future Intelligence : Artificial Intelligence semiconductor chip & device manufacturer

Taipei Season 9

  • Wishing Software Development : “Environment, Safety and Health” (ESH) management software
  • xMight : Electricity vehicle charging management service
  • SkyREC : Google Analytics for in-store retail focus on shopper behavior with AI video and data analysis
  • Chelpis : Blockchain & Crypto security solution software

Orange Fab Asia Pitch Competition in Sydney winner

  • Tiliter : Product recognition system for register

NTT Com Startup Challenge Indonesia Orange Fab Asia Award winner

  • Halal Local : Halal restaurant and prayer space finder app

NTT Com Startup Challenge Malaysia Orange Fab Asia Award winner

  • MBack Pay : Uniting all E-wallet under one platform

G-CCEI selection

  • BlueTium : “FASHION DEVICE” Wearable remote controller
  • TOROOC : Humanoid companion robot with our daily lives
  • lululab : AI Skincare Assistant LUMINI

Guest from Vietnam

  • XtayPro : Sharing economy for logistics