Fall 2019 Online Demo Day in Seoul on September 23rd

We planned to hold the Demo Day for Fall 2019 season startups in Seoul and Taipei in March 2020. However, Covid-19 forced us to change the plan. We have been thinking how to organize the event. At first, we considered to postpone them until when we can organize the event offline. But the situation has not been improved, so we finally decided to hold the events online.
3 startups in Fall 2019 season and 5 startups from the past seasons participated in the online event on September 23rd led by Orange Fab Seoul.


  1. AXELL Smart Kendama (Fall 2017 Tokyo)
  2. Brilliant Company A digital therapeutics for pediatric asthma patients (Fall 2019 Seoul)
  3. Chelpis Blockchain & Crypto security solution software (Fall 2018 Taipei)
  4. EMTAKE Thermal camera with affordable price (Spring 2019 Seoul)
  5. GREEN UTILITY Power Bank Sharing Service (Fall 2019 Tokyo)
  6. Quantum Operation Manufacture of vital data acquisition sensors (Fall 2019 Tokyo)
  7. Salin XR Social Solution (Fall 2017 Seoul)
  8. Singularity Infinity A.I.R., a SaaS designed for last-mile delivery to tackle with daily dispatching and routing tasks (Spring 2017 Taipei)

Following a 5 minutes prerecorded pitch video, each startup answered questions from the audiences. After the pitches from all the startups, the audiences visited their online booth to discuss in more detail.

135 people attended virtually to our first online demo day.
Please watch the pitch video of the 8 startups on our YouTube channel.

We will hold the Fall 2019 Online Demo Day in Taipei in October.