Monthly Update August 2018 (Tokyo)

1. Hachi Tama (Season 9) released cat healthcare service, “toletta” and announced fundraising of 750K USD

Hachi Tama is releasing cat health care service “toletta” since “World Cat Day,” August 8th, 2018. At the same time, Hachi Tama Inc. has announced its fund-raising of $750K and moving of its head office to Enoshima. “toletta” is a “cat health care service” which manages cats’ daily health status easily and cat-friendly at home, by monitoring initial symptoms of urological diseases such as chronic kidney failure etc. that many cats suffer from. Through this cat IoT litter box, owners can check the changes of their precious cats’ health conditions on its smartphone APP anytime and anywhere.

2. BONX (Season 6), earphone-based communication tool, released the new feature, BONX Stories

BONX Inc., the cutting-edge Bluetooth earpiece and proprietary group-talk communications app, is thrilled to introduce an exciting new iOS feature specifically designed for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts with a knack for video editing. The new feature, titled “BONX Stories,” allows users to film videos directly via the app and capture the relevant chat between all users in the group chat, regardless of distance.

3. Crowdcredit (Season 5) reached over 10 billion yen of assets under management for its cross border crowd funding

Crowdcredit provides investment crowdfunding for countries with growth potential. Since it launched the service in June 2014, the assets under management surpassed 10 billion yen. The startup has done investments and lending around the world aiming at both financial and social return including lending support fund for micro finance organization in Peru and women entrepreneurs support fund in Mexico. (in Japanese)

4. Orange Fab Asia joined in NTT Communications Startup Challenge in Jakarta as a judge to select Orange Fab Asia Award

Orange Fab Asia sponsored NTT Communications Startup Challenge held in Jakarta on August 28th. As one of judges, we selected Halal Local, which provides an app to find the nearest Halal restaurants, prayer spaces, and others for the Orange Fab Asia Award. The startup will be invited to the next Tokyo Demo Day to be held in November 2018.