Monthly Update August 2020 (Tokyo)

1. PicoCELA, (Season 11) a provider of cutting-edge Wi-Fi solutions, completes financing from Shimizu Corporation, Sojitz, Japan Post Capital and Okasan Capital Partners

The funds will be used to expand the company’s own business, as well as to expand its edge-cloud collaboration solutions based on its proprietary wireless communication technology.

PicoCELA has been developing and commercializing the world’s best wireless mesh technology since its inception in 2008. PicoCELA has been adopted by more than 200 sites in Japan and abroad, with a total of more than 1 million users per year. We have succeeded in reducing LAN cables by more than 70% in many locations, and this technology is attracting attention as one of the technologies to promote the spread of IoT in construction sites and distribution warehouses. (in Japanese)

2. Aquabit Spirals (Season 3) and others offer contactless and congestion avoidance services to combat COVID-19 at a hotel in Kyu-Karuizawa

Aquabit Spirals has announced that it has launched a service to help guests avoid contact and congestion at Kyu-karuizawa Kikyo, Curio Collection by Hilton, operated by Tokyu Resorts & Stays, as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus.

By placing an Aquabit Spirals NFC tag, or Smart Plate, in each guest room, guests will be able to access information and services on their smartphones alone, without having to touch any in-room devices, machines or interfaces such as the control panel. (in Japanese)

3. Future Standard (Season 7) starts offering the “AI Temperature Detection Passport”

Using the video analysis AI platform “SCORER”, the service allows you to print out the images taken by the thermal camera and the temperature measurement results. With the use of face recognition AI technology, it is also possible to verify the identity of pre-registered employees.
With the “AI Temperature Passport”, the person can now carry the temperature result with him/her and show it when needed, instead of having to check the temperature with a thermal camera at each check point.

The system can be used in commercial facilities that have multiple entrances and each store takes temperature check, live music clubs where it is difficult to place staff at the entrances, construction sites where it is difficult to bring in the web environment, and other places where people tend to enter and exit with difficulty. (in Japanese)

4. Ultraviolet sterilization technology provided by GREEN UTILITY (Season 12) has been adopted by KDDI and JOYSOUND retail stores

GREEN UTILITY is known as a pioneer in mobile battery sharing services, but with existing mocha installations and partners demanding solutions to combat new coronavirus infections, the company has stepped in to combat infectious diseases by leveraging its own AIoT state-of-the-art manufacturing supply chain ecosystem, which has been accumulated through mocha.

At KDDI’s mobile phone shops, we have set up a “smartphone sterilization corner” where customers can sterilize their smartphones for free by placing them in a UV sterilization case. In Karaoke boxes run by JOYSOUND, an ultraviolet sanitizer box will be installed to sanitize microphones in the karaoke room at all times. (in Japanese)

5. Spectee (Season 2) partners with Newsflare Limited, a UK-based news video platform operator, to enhance content distribution for international media

The real-time crisis management information service “Spectee” collects information on disasters, incidents, accidents, etc. posted on social networking sites using AI, which was developed based on our patented technology, and provides highly urgent crisis management information to companies, government agencies, municipalities and media outlets.

Spectee has also partnered with the Associated Press in 2017 and Reuters in 2019 to provide real-time analysis and distribution of social network information to international news organizations, as well as to provide newsworthy UGC to news organizations around the world after processing the necessary rights. In the year to July 2020 (August 2019 to July 2020), Spectee’s international business revenue tripled compared to the same period last year. This partnership with Newsflare, which has a wide customer base of media companies and media outlets around the world, will further strengthen our international business. (in Japanese)