Monthly Update, December 2017 (Tokyo)

1. Chikaku (Season 7), developer of Mago Channel sharing video of grandchildren on TV, secures $1.3M

An IoT device, Mago Channel lets users to send photos and videos to the TV of their family living separately. Chikaku, a developer of the device, announced fundraising of 150M yen ($1.3M) from Incubate Fund. With the finance, the total amount raised becomes over 300M yen.
In addition to online sales, Mago Channel is used by Nomura Securities, which gives the device to their customers, particularly for elderly people and the sales persons send video message to them to improve relationship. Japanese)

2. Aquabit Spirals (Season 3), Smart Plate provider, raised $600K from Tokyu Agency

Smart Plate connects users’ smartphone with a specific URL utilizing QR code and NFC. Aquabit Spirals participated in Tokyu Accelerate Program and won Shibuya Award on November 2015 followed by joint test marketing with Tokyu Railway using Smart Plate in Shibuya station. It also had a trial for distributing recipe contents at Tokyu Store. (in Japanese)

3. Social Lending service provider, Crowdcredit (Season 5) announces $3.5M fundraising as well as partnership with Dentsu

Crowdcredit connects corporations and individuals in emerging countries such as Peru and Cameroon who needs capital and individual investors in Japan. Femto Growth Fund is the main investor for the funding round. Crowdcredit partners with Dentsu to strengthen its management base by its support for branding and marketing. (in Japanese)

4. Repro (Season 2) launches push notification optimization solution using AI jointly with Dentsu Digital

Repro provides mobile app analytics and marketing tool. Jointly with Dentsu Digital, Repro starts to provide a solution to maximize an open rate of push notification and conversion rate utilizing AICO, an advertising copy generation system with AI developed by Dentsu. AICO learns data of push notifications delivered by Repro and generates optimized advertising copy for each app.