Monthly Update, December 2020 (Tokyo)

1. Flicfit (Season 10) and Japan Airport Terminal to open the world’s smallest shoe store at Haneda Airport Terminal 1

Flicfit, a company that measures and utilizes 3D data of feet and shoes to make the shoe buying process more convenient for users, will start operating the world’s smallest shoe store at “THE HANEDA HOUSE” on the 5th floor of Haneda Airport Terminal 1, which is operated by Japan Airport Terminal.

The first shoe brand to be sold will be Paper Planes, a merino shoe made of 100% merino wool, which is attracting attention in the industry as a sustainable shoe. (in Japanese)

2. Novars (Season 11) and Marubeni Power Retail Corporation to collaborate in providing elderly monitoring service

With the declining birthrate and aging population, the need to watch over the elderly is increasing. Novars is offering “MaBeee Mimamori Battery Service”, an easy monitoring service for active seniors, which enables them to use their TV remote control, lighting remote control, sensor light and other devices as monitoring devices by simply replacing the batteries in them with “Mimamori Battery”. By introducing this service to customers who have contracts with Marubeni Power Retail Corporation, we will support them to watch over their family members. (in Japanese)

3. Holoeyes (Season 8) launches “Holoeyes Edu,” a new medical education platform using VR

Holoeyes has partnered with the National College of Nursing on its new VR-based medical education platform, “Holoeyes Edu,” and has begun to introduce it as a curriculum material for the basic dissection class in the School of Nursing from December 2020.

Holoeyes Edu is a cloud service that allows users to create educational content and provide medical education by displaying 3D data of the human body exported from CT, MRI, etc. using a general-purpose diagnostic imaging device workstation in 3D space as XR, and recording and playing back the 3D data, the instructor’s movements, and voice. (in Japanese)

4. Future Standard (Season 7) introduces AI thermal cameras at 29 nursing homes scheduled to begin operation by March 2021

Future Standard has introduced the “Face Recognition System with Thermo Camera” using the video analysis AI platform “SCORER” to “Good Time Living Shinyurigaoka”, a residential fee-based nursing home operated by Good Time Living, and has started its operation.

The introduction of this system will streamline the complicated and risky work of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus, and reduce the burden on staff. In addition, in the event of an outbreak of an infectious disease, the system will contribute to the prevention of the spread of infection by identifying the behavior of infected persons through camera video recordings. The system is scheduled to be installed in 29 pay nursing homes operated by Good Time Living by March 2021. (in Japanese)

5. Cross-border marketplace lending platform, Crowd Credit (Season 5) fundraised from Edge Labs and Investment Lab

The funds to be raised this time will be mainly used for strengthening the fund management system, marketing to reach a wider range of customers, and developing functions to improve UI/UX to enhance the customer experience. By further strengthening its financial base, Crowd Credit will create unprecedented added value and accelerate its business growth by providing more varied investment opportunities through loan-based crowdfunding. (in Japanese)