Monthly Update, February 2020 (Tokyo)

1. Repro (Season 2) raises around 30M USD aiming to evolve into customer engagement platform

The series C investors include newcomers such as YJ Capital, SBI Investment, NTT Docomo Ventures, and KDDI. Existing investors also joined in the round. Repro started as an app analytics tool in 2015, which added marketing function in 2016 and became available for web sites in 2018 to evolve to a marketing platform for web and app. In 2019, Repro established its first overseas office in Singapore to expand into Southeast Asia.

Repro has been introduced in over 7,300 services in 66 countries collecting data from 50 million devices every month. Repro decided to enlarge coverage of data and means of communication in order to respond to the increasing importance of engagement marketing to develop continuous relationship with customers. In addition to web and app data, it will handle offline and IoT data to evolve to a platform contributing to improve engagement utilizing AI to communicate with each customer with optimized channel, timing and contents.

Repro will use the capital to strengthen development team globally, launch and enhance overseas offices, and strengthen global marketing. (in Japanese)

2. Quantum Operation (Season 12) fundraised from Taisho Pharmaceutical and others

Quantum Operation develops IoT sensor in healthcare and medical based on knowhow about digital conversion of analogue data and noise canceling. With the capital, Quantum Operation plans to test its vital band in the clinical setting and acquire certification as a medical device. Also, it continues development and clinical test of non-invasive small-sized glucometer based on the vital band.
Quantum Operation won the 1st prize at Fall 2019 Tokyo Demo Day. (in Japanese) (in Japanese)

3. Spectee (Season 2) developed Novel Coronavirus infection status monitoring system for relevant organization

Spectee analyzes SNS in real-time to detect disaster and risk management information to provide to over 300 of civil services, local governments, and corporations. The startup developed an AI system to analyze spread of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus based on posts on SNS. The system collects and analyzes information in real-time from several SNS to locate the site of occurrence. It also automatically translates several foreign languages including Chinese into Japanese to provide the information to relevant organizations. (in Japanese)