Monthly Update, January 2018 (Tokyo)

1. Scentee (Season 3) introduced AI room diffuser, Scentee Machina at CES and launched Kickstarter campaign

Scentee Machina is the diffuser reinvented to a more simpler, sexier and technologically mature design. At last, you can now control when the smell goes off, which smell to go off and much more, all from your phone. It learns what smell and when users prefer and recommend smell. Scentee Machina is introduced at CES 2018 for the first time and also started Kickstarter raising over 58,000 USD as of today. Japanese)

2. Online news agency, Spectee (Season 2) received “Best of 2017 Partner Videos” from Associated Press

Spectee curates and publishes real-time news video contents on social media using its patented AI technology. The startup provides the video to Associated Press, which selects the best video of the year from news video distribution partners around the world evaluating news value and global impact of the videos. 4 videos provided by Spectee were selected as Best of 2017 Partners Videos including large scale sandstorm attacking a village in Sudan and mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Best of 2017 Partner Videos (in Japanese)