Monthly Update, January 2020 (Tokyo)

1. Monit (Season 9) Launching Smart Adult Diaper Sensing Solution to Help Caregivers with Challenges of Attending to Seniors’ Needs Quickly

Coming to CES 2020, Monit is introducing the most sophisticated IoT adult diaper sensing solution leading to better care for seniors. Designed for the large and growing adult diaper market, Monit’s smart diaper technology and Elderly Care System will provide older patients a better quality of life, caregivers more work efficiency, family members a sense of relief with daily information on the status of their loved ones, and facilities will appreciate that this can help cut costs.

2. PicoCELA (Season 11) successfully validated connection and transmission of high-performance mesh WiFi using NTT Docomo’s 5G pre-service

The test receives 5G radio wave at the venue, “Play 5G” located at the 5th floor in Tokyo Soramachi, a shopping mall around Tokyo Skytree, to cover a whole 5th floor of the mall with WiFi. Developing WiFi area has conventionally taken a long time and a lot of cost with preparation of fiber cables, installation of network devices, and wiring work. The validation uses 5G network instead of fiber to enable either equaling or surpassing transmission taking advantage of 5G’s high speed and large capacity. Also, PicoCELA’s access point has multi-hop transmission with less attenuation of radio wave than conventional products, which enables large capacity of communication in wider space. (in Japanese)