Monthly Update, January 2021 (Tokyo)

1. Singtel is collaborating with Holoeyes (Season 8) to combine 5G with virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (XR) for medical purposes

Successfully tested in Singtel’s own 5G Garage, the application enables doctors to visualise diagnostic scans in 3D and improve their understanding of patients’ conditions, especially for complex surgeries.

2. Virtual voice agents, Agara Labs (Season 13) Raises $4.3M in Pre-Series A Extension Funding

Agara Labs, a NYC-based startup building the next generation of virtual voice agents for enterprises, raised $4.3m in Pre-Series A extension funding.
The round, which brings the total funds raised to date to $7.5m, was led by UTEC, the early stage deep-tech venture capital firm associated with academic institutes such as The University of Tokyo, with participation from existing investors Blume Ventures and RTP Global.

Founded by Abhimanyu and Arjun Maheswaran in 2017, Agara develops virtual voice agents that leverage proprietary machine learning models to understand intentions in speech, make intelligent decisions to handle queries and talk individual customers through to a resolution. Its voice agents offer a tailored and holistic solution, fielding customer calls, engaging in troubleshooting processes and providing a service extremely similar to human agents.

3. HACARUS (Season 12) launches “SPECTRO GO” kit that enables new users to get started with early stage deployments and evaluations of AI solutions for visual inspection

Working with leading industry partners, HACARUS has assembled a kit that includes camera, lens, industrial PC, evaluation software license, lighting, stand and measurement setup – all pre-configured to work seamlessly together and ready to tackle inspection tasks.

“SPECTRO has quickly become the go to solution for AI powered visual inspections, enhancing deployed systems across Japan – with this new kit, SPECTRO GO, HACARUS opens the door to newcomers that are just setting out on their AI journey, with a complete, ready out of the box kit – this will allow us to bring our solutions to even more customers.” said Kenshin Fujiwara, CEO of HACARUS INC.

4. Spectee (Season 2) forms business alliance with disaster prevention IT company, Tech Design

Resilire, developed and provided by Tech Design, is a SaaS platform that aims to facilitate BCM (Business Continuity Management) and risk management in supply chains in the event of a disaster. Resilire enables companies to monitor the damage status of each site and supplier in the event of a disaster, monitor the status of the supply chain for each product, identify risk areas, monitor the operation rate, and smoothly communicate with suppliers, all of which used to be managed using multiple systems and Excel.

“Spectee Pro” is a cloud SaaS disaster and crisis management solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly and accurately “visualize” disaster and risk information and facilitate decision-making in the field.

Against the backdrop of the increasing importance of corporate supply chain risk management in response to natural disasters, which have become increasingly severe in recent years, Tech Design and Spectee believe that it is necessary to develop and provide solutions that combine the advantages of both “Resilire” and “Spectee Pro”. The two companies have agreed to collaborate on technology and mutual provision of know-how. (in Japanese)