Monthly Update, July 2019 (Tokyo)

1. PicoCELA (Season 11) develops large scale Wifi system for outdoor music festival

PicoCELA built large scale of wifi system at one of the largest outdoor music festivals in Japan sponsored by AbemaTV, online live streaming service to provide stable broadband wireless environment. 14 PicoCELA devices were installed in the venue of 10,000 square meters to provide stable wifi used by over 7,000 audiences for 2 days. It required only 3 LAN cables reducing 70% of LAN cables. (in Japanese)

2. Triple W Japan (Season 8) starts to provide “DFree Professional”, toilet predicting service with packaging communication equipment and tablet computer

Some facilities have given up to install DFree because they do not have Wifi or mobile devices, which are required to use DFree Professional, toilet predicting service for business. Triple W Japan has introduced other services to such facilities to prepare the settings, but it still takes time and initial cost to make contracts with each service. Since the new service packages communication device and tablet computer and users could contract for subscription basis, they could install DFree easily with small amount of initial cost from one-month contract. (in Japanese)

3. Voice emotion analytics AI, Empath (Season 9) and call center BPO, TMJ co-develops emotion analytics AI for call centers with virtual assistant

The two companies pay attention to 2 main factors to influence productivity at call centers, overwork of supervisors and sustention of motivation of operators. The product analyzes emotion of operators and customers to detect calls with possible troubles and alerts to supervisors in real-time, which allows the supervisor follow an operator who needs support immediately. As a result, support for operators became more efficient to solve their problems more quickly. The virtual assistant contributes to maintain motivation of operators by praising operators when the call goes well or comforting operators when the customer gets angry. (in Japanese)

4. BONX (Season 6) concluded distributer agreement with NTT East and Sumitomo Densetsu for “BONX for Business”

BONX for BUSINESS allows a group communication using smartphone among up to 30 people at any business sites. You could use it with any earphone with a microphone, and by using BONX Grip, a dedicated headset, you could use it in more convenient way. In order to offer experience of the service for potential users who are going to build or renew internet environment, BONX partners with NTT East, which provides information communication network to accelerate digital transformation of business customers, and Sumitomo Densetsu, which has many track record of developing communication network. (in Japanese)