Monthly update, March 2018 (Tokyo)

1. AlpacaJapan (Season 2) develops the AI for Jibun Bank to predict the lowest monthly FX rate

AlpacaJapan developed the AI which predicts the possible lowest price based on deep learning technology under the service agreement with Jibun Bank Corporation. Jibun Bank provides ”AI Auto Savings of Foreign Currency Deposit” which is a foreign currency automatic deposit service available to its customers.

2. Liquid (Season 5) launched “LIQUID Reader” enabling stores to publish their original token on distributed ledger

LIQUID Reader is an authentication device for NFC and credit card. In addition to payment with normal credit cards such as VISA and Mastercard, shops can publish their original token on distributed ledger through PASS, Liquid’s payment service. The system allows users to pay with the token at the shop. (in Japanese)

3. BONX (Season 6) won Grand Prix at IoT Lab Selection with BONX for BUSINESS allowing voice group communication among up to 30 people

IoT Lab Selection is organized by IoT Acceleration Consortium, a platform between the government, Academia and industry to create new IoT projects. BONX won the award with BONX for BUSINESS, a mobile app enabling cloud based group communication among up to 30 people using any headset with microphone. Using with BONX Grip, a one ear headset by BONX would make even more useful to communicate. (in Japanese)

4. Chikaku (Season 7) received iF Design Award 2018 with Mago-Channel making grandparents watch grandkids on TV

iF International Forum Design is a design organization based in Hannover in Germany, which awards iF Design Awards for excellent design. The past award winners include MacBook and iPhone.

Since the arrival of the smartphone, people take a lot more photos of their kids. But it’s still difficult to share them with grandparents who may not be very comfortable with technology. A device like, for instance, Apple TV is not suitable for them because they can’t set it up. Now there’s “mago-channel”, the easiest way for grandparents to follow their grandkids’ daily life from a distance. This gives grandparents a dedicated TV channel all about their grandkids. This device could not be easier to install: just connect it to the TV and you’re ready to go. You can even use the same TV remote control. No Wi-Fi connection is needed either, as the device uses a mobile sim to connect to the internet. (in Japanese)