Monthly Update, May 2021 (Tokyo)

1. HACARUS (Season 12) brings Sparse Modeling to drug discovery with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma

HACARUS, the provider of big insights from small data, announced the strong results of joint research with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation related to the screening process, focused on first-in-class drug discovery. Utilizing HACARUS’ proprietary AI technology, the new model drastically reduces processing time and solves “black box” issues related to the feature extraction for hit compounds.

“From this project, we were able to develop some very powerful analytical techniques, making the analysis process 56 times more efficient than before. Continuing with our joint research, I look forward to improving this model further with HACARUS and see how we can implement these results in actual drug discovery projects.” said a medical researcher from Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation.

2. Spectee (Season 2), an AI-based disaster and crisis management solution provider, succeeds in creating real-time 3D maps of flooded areas at flood disaster

On May 17, Spectee announced that it has succeeded in reproducing the flooded area on a 3D map in real time using digital twin technology based on AI. Spectee has been developing technology to reproduce the inundation area and depth on a 3D map in almost real time from the time of the disaster, in order to visually and easily understand the damage situation and to speed up the formulation of disaster response plans in the event of water-related disasters such as typhoons and torrential rains, which have become more frequent in recent years.

This time, using the area around the Kuma River in Kumamoto Prefecture during the heavy rains of July 2020 as a model case, they instantly created a 3D map of the flooded area and depth by analyzing a combination of images posted on SNS, rainfall data, topographical data of the rainfall area, and past flood data. (in Japanese)

3. GREEN UTILITY (Season 12) installs mobile battery stations in clubhouses of golf courses

GREEN UTILITY has installed its mobile battery sharing service at three new golf courses in the Kanto region: Nakayama Golf Center (Chiba Prefecture), Karasawa Golf Club (Tochigi Prefecture), and Kamagaya Country Club (Chiba Prefecture).

In order to make the time spent on the golf course more comfortable, three golf courses in the Kanto region have introduced the mocha mobile battery sharing service and have begun providing the service. When the battery level in your phone gets low, you can rent a battery at mocha stations set up at golf courses and charge your phone while playing a round. (in Japanese)

4. Wireless mesh Wi-Fi of PicoCELA (Season 11) enters the agricultural sector for the first time contributing to agricultural DX by saving manpower and labor in a vineyard

PicoCELA has deployed a Wi-Fi mesh solution at the Ajimu Budoushu Koubou (Wine Studio). The vineyards at the Ajimu Budoushu Koubou were planning to install remotely operated automatic sprinklers to save manpower and labor in the vineyards. However, the distance of 100 meters between the vineyards and the management facility where staffs are stationed posed a challenge for communication to control the automatic sprinklers.

PicoCELA’s mesh Wi-Fi technology, which does not require LAN cables, was used to solve this problem. By relaying and deploying Wi-Fi radio waves from the management facility, automatic water sprinkler control has been realized without the need for LAN cable installation.

In the future, they plan to develop another 30 hectares of farmland in the vineyard, and by utilizing PicoCELA’s Wi-Fi technology, it will be able to build a cable-free network in this area as well. (in Japanese)