Monthly update, November 2017 (Tokyo)

1. Triple W (Season 8), developer of DFree urination predictor, secures $4.4M pre-series B round

Tokyo-based Triple W Japan, the startup which developed urination predictor device DFree, announced that it has raised 500 million yen (about $4.4 million US) from Nissay Capital and 2020, the Japanese investment partner fund of Taiwanese electronics outfit Foxconn, in a pre-series B round.
The company has rolled out the DFree urination prediction device into 150 nursery care facilities across Japan in partnership with the eldercare industry, including 116 facilities run by Sompo Care Next, where the solution has been adopted for 2,000 elderly patients. In France, a country which faces a typical aging population, Triple W Japan recently secured clinical testing of the solution at Paris and Poissy care facilities working with European eldercare giant Korian, readying to put it into practical use at these facilities.

2. Spectee (Season 2) launches AI announcer “Yui Araki” beta to provide for free within 2017

AI announcer, “Yui Araki” read various types of news with natural pronunciation, accent, and intonation closer to human using “Spectee AI”, an AI engine which machine learning about 100,000 news voice that real announcers read.
Spectee started providing automatic news reading function to news media on its new delivery service, Spectee from May 2017. In addition to automatic reading, it is developing automatic news contents generation AI technology. With the technologies, Spectee aims to develop technology to automatically make news contents from information gathering, contents generation, and to news reading. (in Japanese)

3. Liquid (Season 5) installs bank transaction system with 2-factor biometric authentication using fingerprint and vein at Aeon Bank’s 5 branches

The 2-factor biometric authentication system realizes very high security by adding vein authentication on fingerprint authentication, which identifies users with just a few seconds by pass fingers over the dedicated device. It is the first case in Japanese banks to introduce such a card-less and even password-less banking transaction service which works with only biometric authentication. (in Japanese)

4. FiNC (Season 6) provides “FiNC for SBI Life”, an app with AI to manage health and improve lifestyle

FiNC and SBI Life Insurance provides “FiNC for SBI Life” for free to all the policyholders. The app has postural analysis function using artificial intelligence and also life log recording such as sleeping time and body weight, and mileage accumulated based on footsteps to be used at FiNC Mall. In addition, users could consult experts in various fields such as managerial dietician, trainers, doctors, and pharmacist for physical problems like pain in back or knee and improvement of diet or lifestyle. Moreover, solutions based on each user’s health condition and lifestyle are proposed utilizing AI.