Monthly Update October/November 2018 (Tokyo)

1. Cross-border marketplace lending platform, Crowdcredit (Season 5) raised 750M Yen (6.6M USD)

The investors in this round include Monex Ventures, YJ Capital, Sony Financial Ventures, Global Brain, and SBI Investment. The startup announced finance in September 2018 as well. The total amount combined is 880 million yen. Crowdcredit has acquired 31000 users from which over 14.8 billion yen has been invested. (in Japanese)

2. Data leak protection, ZenmuTech (Season 4) raised 300M Yen (2.6M USD) from Innovation Engine and Shikoku Electric Power

ZENMU is a cyber security product using “Secret Splitting” AONT method. With ZENMU, Data is nullified and split across various locations, making it impossible to be read with only one of the fragments, and ensuring that data cannot be recovered to its original state unless all the fragments are gathered. With the finance, ZenmuTech plans to develop various products using the technology of open security infrastructure, ZENMU, and application to improve security for IoT platform, to accelerate global expansion and so on. (in Japanese)

3. Mobile app marketing platform Repro (Season 2) released SmartAudience beta to predict churn using AI

The marketing platform, Repro is used by more than 6,000 services in 59 countries. Its AI & Machine learning R&D team, Repro AI Labs launches beta version of SmartAudience, which predicts revisit rate to an app from users behavior utilizing AI and automatically creates targeted audience who are likely leaving the app with the churn prediction feature. It enables to do push notification, in-app message, or advertisement targeting for the audience, which allows you decrease cost with excessive rewards and eliminate tasks and time for manual segmentation (in Japanese)

4. ABEJA (Season 1) Singapore launches full-scale cooperation with Denso International Asia to improve work efficiency in Thai factory

ABEJA Singapore Pte. Ltd., the local subsidiary of ABEJA, Inc., and Denso International Asia, Co., Ltd (DIAT), which is a member company of the Denso Corporation group, began a collaboration designed to improve work efficiency in DIAT’s plants on November 1st, 2018. It can also be revealed that, in advance of this collaboration, the two companies conducted a joint demonstration pilot for five months, from April to August 2018.

The aim of this collaboration with ABEJA is to use AI technologies, including deep learning, to automate the measurement and analysis that DIAT has been carrying out for each manufacturing process as part of its drive to increase work efficiency on the factory floor. DIAT also intends to use the analytical findings obtained from this collaboration to reveal differences in operational speeds and operational procedures, thereby making manufacturing operations visible in order to optimize overall factory operations.

5. Softbank and Future Standard (Season 7) showcase real-time customer traffic analytics utilizing 5G

The demonstration simulates retail use case. It analyzes human traffic on real-time from vision of cameras equipped in Odaiba Lab opened in 5G x IoT Studio of Softbank at November 30th, 2018 and also visualizes traffic line and heatmap by adding gender and age information predicted by the visual data. In addition, by linking the data with autonomous robots, the robots show and propose digital advertisement depending on attributes of each visitors.

Softbank and Future Standard enable analyzing human traffic in real-time by using 5G capable for high speed and capacity of data communication to send high resolution videos taken by multi-cameras and process the data on edge computing using SCORER, a video analytics platform developed by Future Standard. (in Japanese)

6. TownWiFi (Season 8), a mobile app connecting free WiFi automatically, reaches 2 million active users

TownWiFi is not only a convenient tool to decrease mobile traffic, but also security tool to encrypt communication with the protection function of WiFi. It covers 34 countries with Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English. The number of monthly active users a year ago in October 2017 was 960 thousands and the growth rate is even accelerating now. (in Japanese)