Monthly Update, September 2020 (Tokyo)

1. Spacely (Season 13) has a business partnership with Daido Metal, the world’s top share of engine bearings for automobiles, in the area of VR training for manufacturers

On October 1, 2020, Daido Metal begins full-fledged license sales of “Spacey”, an easy-to-use VR cloud software for the manufacturing industry. The VR cloud software “Spacey” is a tool that allows anyone to easily create VR content with a sense of presence based on the concept of “Easy VR Anywhere,” and is used by more than 4,000 businesses, mainly in the real estate and housing sectors. In recent years, we have released VR training software as a new area of utilization of VR, and it is being used by businesses in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, food and beverage, finance, and infrastructure industries. (in Japanese)

2. Holoeyes (Season 8) and NTT Docomo agree to work together in the medical field

The two companies will provide Holoeyes MD®, a 3D medical image display service provided by Holoeyes, and Magic Leap 1, a wearable XR device sold by Docomo, in a unified manner for medical institutions through Holoeyes’ sales partners. The combination of “Holoeyes MD” and “Magic Leap 1” will enable medical professionals to intuitively understand the 3D data obtained from CT and MRI examinations of the human body by checking it in 3D space.
Holoeyes is the winner of the Excellence Award of Docomo 5G DX AWARDS 2020, Docomo’s 5G solution creation contest held on September 15, 2020 (in Japanese)

3. PicoCELA (Season 11) and Nishimatsu Construction build a stable Wi-Fi environment across a large 67-hectare mega-solar in a mountainous terrain where communication infrastructure is difficult to build

Nishimatsu Construction needed to prepare the site for mega solar construction. The site is a vast area of 67 hectares (about 13 times the size of the Tokyo Dome). In addition, the harsh environment of the mountainous terrain, where cliffs are carved out and valleys are filled in, meant that it took hours for the site management staff to visit the site, and it was difficult to secure a means to understand the situation at the site in real time in an emergency.

Therefore, the introduction of a surveillance camera system at the construction site was required to save time and manpower and to establish a real-time monitoring system. However, it was difficult to secure a power source at the site, which is located in a mountainous area, and the existing cell phone carrier’s base stations were not connected to the network, making it difficult to ensure stable communications.

In order to solve this problem, PicoCELA’s “PCWL-0410” outdoor wireless LAN (dustproof and waterproof) for construction and disaster prevention, newly released directional antennas for long-distance communication, as well as single solar power generation and storage batteries for power supply, made it possible to establish communication infrastructure on site. (in Japanese)

4. Future Standard (Season 7) and LIVE BOARD jointly develop impression measurement model to measure ad views of multiple indoor digital OOHs with a single camera

This measurement model combines the analysis of passerby’s flow line based on 3D coordinate calculation using an object detection model and the measurement of the visible area based on a 3D face direction estimation algorithm to provide a more detailed understanding of passerby behavior and viewing. This makes it possible to measure impressions seamlessly and at a lower cost, without having to install a single camera for each indoor digital OOH. (in Japanese)

5. ZEST (Season 7), which optimizes the shifting of home healthcare visits, won the top prize in a business competition with a total of 50 million yen in prize money

ZEST, a cloud service for optimizing the schedule of home medical visits operated by Zest Corporation, was selected as the winner of the JSSA Tokyo Award, a business presentation contest for startups organized by the Japan Startup Support Association, on September 23, 2020, out of 120 applicants. (in Japanese)