Monthly updates, February 2017 (Tokyo)

Liquid (Season 5) launches fingerprint payment service in Indonesia

TOKYO – Information and technology company Liquid Inc said it has launched a payment service using fingerprint authentication in Indonesia.
Liquid’s joint venture set up last November with local conglomerate Salim Group is aiming for several hundred thousand users. Indonesia is Liquid’s third overseas market for fingerprint authentication payments after Sri Lanka and the Philippines.
The venture plans to offer the payment service to the Salim group’s workforce of around 500,000.

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Aquabit Spirals (Season 3) launches magnet type Smart Plate to be deployed at Pizza Hut

Tokyo-based Aquabit Spirals providing Smart Plate, a platform connecting things and internet with NFC chip launched a new type of the plate with magnet attachable to refrigerator and others. Pizza Hut started to use the service for test marketing to attach the plate on top of a pizza box delivered to home to encourage repeat order. By just holding a smartphone over the plate, you can get several types of coupons from Pizza Hut.
Aquabit Spirals is selected for a finalist in IoT category in 4YFN in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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ZenmuTech (Season 4) fundraised 250M yen (2.1M Euro) from 5 investors

ZenmuTech reduces data leak risk to zero. Zenmu divides your data and saves each piece on different storage media such as PC, USB device, or cloud. It enables much higher security level than existing encryption solutions since the data could never be restored until all the pieces of the data collected.

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Secual (Season 5) launched an insured smart security product for rental home

Secual cooperates with Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance to provide the insured service. The two types of insurance will be included in the product for tenants and home owners. One is protection of the smart security devices for damage or robbery for tenants. The other is protection for home owners to restore to original state when crime, suicide or unattended death happens.

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