Orange Fab Asia held an Innovation Demo-Day in Seoul on March 24th

Orange Fab Asia, the Asia based startup acceleration program from Orange, held an innovation Demo Day in Seoul in Pan-gyo techno valley on 24th March.
Orange Fab Asia aims to help startups from Japan, Korea and Taiwan to go global with products and services that benefit Orange, its customers and partners. The program is managed by Orange Labs Japan/Korea/Taiwan, an innovation center of Orange.
After a first season in Tokyo, the Orange Fab Asia program expanded last September to Seoul and Taipei, and selected 15 startups from the 3 locations, five in each city.
This Innovation Demo Day in Seoul has taken place in a new space dedicated to startups called G-CEIC (Creative Economy Innovation Center) sponsored by KT and the Korean government with whom Orange collaborate for startups.
During the event, 13 Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese startups from Orange Fab, G-CEIC and Korean accelerators pitched and showcased their services and products to over 100 venture capitalists , entrepreneurs, professionals and global companies.

Startups in the demo-day (13 teams)
Orange Fab Asia ( Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei) : Ball Ready, Call Gate, Haeden Bridge, Silent Music Band, Qlync, Repro, Ikkyo tech
KT’s K-champ : Syobe Creative, GT(Carvi),
Local accelerators : Anyrative, Soundlly, Digience, CocoLink

During the event, Orange Fab Asia kicked-off the 2nd season of its program in Seoul in announcing 5 teams.
Dot : Braille smart watch that utilizes active Braille display technology. With affordable price and easy accessibility,
Frasen : Personal Sleep Care Service with a comfortable sleep mask allows people learn more about actual sleep quality and offer a variety of ways to improve sleep.
MtoV : Collects vehicle status and driving related data through an OBD scanner and a camera for diagnosis, driving care and treatment services.
Neofect : A glove and software to help convenient and smart rehabilitation treatment.
Pied-Piper : smart way of growing plants through monitoring and controlling light, temperature, soil conservation and hydroponic system.

The event was joined by French Embassador in Korea Jerome PASQUIER and the head of G-CEIC, Deok-Rae LIM.