Orange Fab Asia selected 16 startups for Fall 2015 season program

16 startups are selected in Fall 2015 season of Orange Fab Asia. The startups will receive advice from mentors and to discuss partnership opportunities with Orange and corporate partners. Their products will be showcased at Tokyo Demo Day on December 8th at Orange Japan’s Shinjuku office.
Here are the selected startups.

BOUD: Portable camera device with flexible body
Cloudbric: Web application security for SMEs and startups
Pamily: Another Family member, Friendsbot
Geo-Line: Portable EV charging & payment solution
Linearhub: Video conference based collaboration suite for enterprise
StradVision: Computer vision software for Advanced Driver Assistance System

BankGuard: SuperMatrix Security System for online banking
Mist Technologies: Peer-to-peer content delivery platform
TCSi: Data leak protection solution based on secret sharing scheme
Tobila Systems: “Fraud Call Protection” service using accurate data base
VitaNet: Integrated IoT security platform for edge devices

Aengin Technology: IoT solutions to various industries
Mooredoll: Building up a IoT toy platform for anyone
NextDrive: Cloud Service enabled with micro IoT computer
THINKTANK: Customer experience analytics tool for event
Whynot Tech: ARING, the first ring that listens to your command