Seoul Demo Day for Season 5 was held on March 15th

Orange Fab Asia in Seoul held its season 5 demo-day on 15th March 2017 at Gyeong-gi Center for Creative Economy and Innovation.

19 startups pitched and showcased their products in front of more than a hundred of participants.

5 startups from Orange Fab Asia in Seoul

  • NORMA : “AtEar” is a moveable wireless network vulnerabilities checking solution
  • Puzzles: A smart coin bank that will help to collect coins through shops
  • Innoplaylab: A robot with most advanced technologies such as voice interaction with human, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning,
  • SecuLetter: email security solution
  • Tilt Code : interactive mobile content sharing service for OOH advertisements done by tilting or turning a device

3 startups from Orange Fab Asia in Taipei

  • Adenovo: Internet-of-Vehicles Risk Control System
  • INSTO: Enable anyone to buy or sell anything in installments
  • PAIX: Smart Bag with signal light for bikers

3 startups from Orange Fab Asia in Tokyo

  • MoBagel: Real-time IoT Analytics and Prediction SaaS
  • Pirika: Antilitter solution
  • Fuller: Device management app & mobile app audience survey

1 Startup from Fab Israel

  • Dove-e: Low cost, secure, and frictionless way to conduct and monitor engagement/payment

5 startups from CCEI

  • Lilly Cover: Beauty solution that utilize realtime sensors to asses skin condition
  • Neo Pop: LED pet band
  • Faya: Affordable micro investment system
  • Diocian: Global music platform to let artists make and release music
  • Ask Culture: Platform that enables visitors and locals to share cultural contents

2 promising Local startups

  • Q-Pet: Education platform for beginners to learn coding easily
  • Innomdle Lab: Watch strap that transmits sound through a person’s fingers

During the event, Orange Fab Seoul season 6 also kicked-off with the 7 startups below.

  • JnKScience : Rechargeable Ni-MH battery charged by micro USB cable
  • L.Fin: Internet security and authentication based on mobile location
  • OneTwo CM: Tab the stamp on your smartphone for loyalty and payment service
  • Transbox: Remote Data Management Service
  • Analogue plus: Smart IT solution for helmet
  • Air Broad: Hybrid DaaS with thin client and working as SaaS
  • Double Me: holographic Mixed Reality solution