Taipei Demo Day Season 5 was held on April 11th

Taipei Demo Day of Fall 2016 season was held at GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center on April 11th, 2017. 18 startups from Orange Fab Asia in Taipei, Seoul, and Tokyo as well as G-CCEI in Seoul and local ecosystem participated to pitch and showcase the products and services to a lot of audiences including investors and corporations. The event is sponsored by Thales.

Participated startups

Orange Fab Asia in Taipei

  • Adenovo : The First Risk-Control Management for Auto Financing Based on Artificial Intelligence.
  • Bowhead Technology : Improving children’s well-being solution with heartfelt technology
  • Grass Wonder: Selfie stick solution provider
  • INSTO: Enable anyone to buy or sell anything in installments
  • PAIX: Smart Urban Bag
  • Athentek: Smart Location(indoor/outdoor) IoT product/service

Orange Fab Asia in Seoul

  • NORMA : “AtEar” is a moveable wireless network vulnerabilities checking solution
  • Puzzles: A smart coin bank that will help to collect coins through shops
  • Innoplaylab: A robot with most advanced technologies such as voice interaction with human, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning,

Orange Fab Asia in Tokyo

  • MoBagel: Real-time IoT Analytics and Prediction SaaS
  • Pirika: Antilitter solution
  • Cerevo: Making niche IoT products


  • Neofect: CHEMION, glasses to present your feeling through message, image, and animation

Guest startup from Taiwan

  • Odysseus: Small satellites and related deep space and swam solutions
  • LiscoTech: Dedicating in digital computing and imaging products
  • Fire Ants Finance: Social trading applications
  • IronYun: Cloud Computing and Big Data video search software
  • ThinkCloud: “Selfie Video Signature”, a signature authentication solution

During the event, 7 selected startups below joining in the Spring 2017 season in Taipei were introduced with a short presentation.

  • BD Mobile: Wireless non-invasive sensing device and health-care platform
  • BotPartner: Conversation of Thing (CoT) Platform & Services
  • Brain Rhythm: Wearable headband for pain relief and personalized prediction
  • FUNTEK: Social chat solution with features for enterprises
  • MOFILY: 360 degree camera with features in support variable applications
  • Singularity Infinity: An app helps enterprises to serve clients to manage queueing time well
  • Virscope: VR content generation turnkey solution covering scanning, animating and browsing the content with your mobile online