Taipei Demo Day of Season 6 took place on October 16th

We held the 6th Orange Fab Taipei Demo-Day at GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center on October 16th. 13 startups in Orange Fab Asia Spring 2017 season as well as 1 guest startup from Taiwan presented their innovative services to guests from investors, corporations, government, universities, and media

  • Orange Fab Taipei : BD Mobile, Bot Partner, Funtek, Mofily, Singularity Infinity, Virscope
  • Orange Fab Seoul : TransBox, Dot, InnoplayLab
  • Orange Fab Tokyo : Future Standard, PrimeSap, Fuller
  • Guest startup : Theia

After the pitching of the 13 startups, we announced the newly selected 5 startups for next season with a short presentation by them.

Orange Fab Taipei Season 7 startups : Diabnext, Omniscient Cloud Technologies,, Space Apes, SurveyCake

All the startups exhibited demo at booths followed by networking party