Our goal is to help start-ups grow their businesses and build amazing products and services from which Orange and its customers will benefit.



exclusive events with extenral experts are reguraly held

business support

Orange and global corporations help your business go global

demo days

Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei

selection criteria

Orange Fab is seeking start-ups incorporated in Asia with an existing product. At this stage in your process, you’ve built your product, nailed your pitch, and need a global company like Orange, to take you to the next level; hey, we’ll even polish those edges! We aren’t limiting who we’re interested in, but we do have an idea of categories your company may fit into:
  • AI, deep learning, machine learning
  • Augmented / virtual reality
  • Big data and analytics
  • Cloud services & cloud technologies
  • Consumer applications
  • eHealth
  • Fintech such as mobile payment and money transfer
  • Internet of Things such as smart city, smart home, wearable device
  • Online and offline customer experience
  • Security
  • Video technologies such as streaming, advertising, communication
Orange Fab Asia has three locations, Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei. Start-ups have to locate around any of the three cities during the three-month program to attend series of events held on regular basis.