IoT solutions to various industries

Aengin provides Kiiper, a private-label service that focuses on children and seniors; Kiiper is designed and developed based on Silta, our IoT technology architecture. Kiiper HW features chic and small design, when being used at kindergartens or daycares, teachers can do roll-call up to 200 kids within 3 seconds. On field trips, it is easy to see how far each kid has got from teachers. If kids are running too far, it sets off alarming buzz. Upon kids’ arrival at school, parents will be immediately notified via App. When being employed at nursery facilities or assisted living environment, it locates and records daily activities. Kids or seniors can click on the button on Kiiper to send SOS alerts or any other message. Moreover, coupling with our WiFi-BLE or LTE-BLE hubs as part of service infrastructure, all the information collected via Kiiper can be forwarded to the cloud service without using smartphone Apps. We release Silta SDK and API to enterprises or ODMs for them to integrate and tailor-make services.

Key succcess

  • Raised US$60K on Jan 2016 (Angel funds)
  • Contract with Global Channel Resource ( for markets in Taiwan and Australia
  • Direct partnership with senior nursery houses in Japan