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Solve RAN’s most difficult engineering problems through RAN configuration analytics

Traditionally, Radio Access Network (RAN) optimisation software focuses on network quality improvement via performance analysis and automation. NCI (Network Configuration Intelligence) goes back to RAN’s foundation – configuration data. Complex networks have 100s of millions of RAN configuration data points in complicated multi-vendor multi-technology topologies. Configuration data varies significantly between different RAN vendors and is difficult to interpret, leading to increasing number of configuration-related network issues as networks become more complex.
NCI is designed to help engineers to analyse those millions of RAN configuration data points, allowing almost any network scenario and feature to be data-modelled without custom software development. Engineers add contextual information to these models before combining them with performance metrics for visualisation. Analytics allows good and bad patterns to be detected and engineers can then use AI/ML to help identify suitable replacements for bad configuration patterns to improve RAN quality and efficiency.