Frustration free CAPTCHA for enterprise

CAPTCHAs are designed to determine if a human being is accessing your site. Currently, however, people get frustrated by the indecipherable, squiggly lines and just give up, leaving a site. Even more crucially, bots can bypass CAPTCHAs 99% of the time. Capy provides user-friendly and secure solution to detect fraud login that’s easy on humans and hard on bots. Users just drag and drop a missing part onto an image to complete a “puzzle,” and then they’re verified to continue. Capy is so simple to use, that drop off rates as recorded by customers have decreased by 85%.

Key success

  • The second prize at Open Innovation Contest by NTT Data held on August 27th 2015.
  • Special award in security category of “Best of Show Award” at Interop Tokyo 2015 on June 12th 2015