Seamlessly unifying the GVC (Global Value Chain) through facilitating multi-faceted, digital transformation for its many segments

cloudyBoss’ core solution, NEXT+, operates as an industrial Blockchain platform which empowers public and private sector organizations to increase operational efficiency; mitigate excess working capital spend; increase cybersecurity defenses; enhance supply chain visibility; monetize from data exchange. Such ROI is manifested through technologically converging (I)IoT Device Management & Security, Smart Contracts, Data Management & Exchange Automation; Infrastructure Interoperability; Multi-Cloud Functionality, into a single platform which may be implemented in the cloud and/or on-premises. Within the wide scope of application for industrial Blockchain technology, cloudyBoss cultivates bespoke solutions which solve specific pain points for each client of interest that operate business involved in industry segments such as Multimodal Logistics, Chemical Manufacutring, Heavy Industry Manufacturing, Automotive manufacturing, Port Authorities & Terminals, Smart City Management, and beyond.