Building up a IoT toy platform for anyone

Mooredoll provides an IoT toy platform to achieve IM service, Digital content management, Control of other IoT toys, and Voice recognition/Nature language functions. Currently Mooredoll is moving to the next goal – adding robot function to the platform and is working with world-class carrier on such project by adding camera, sensors, motors and AI features to the platform.

Key success

  • After 1 year development, starting mass production and shipment to Russia, China, Korea and Japan and achieved quarterly break-even from Q4/15’.
  • Project awarded by world-class carrier (product release in Mar/16’, shipment from Q2/16’)
  • No.1 award on “2014 Cultural and Creative Star Contest – Digital Section” sponsored by Taiwan Ministry of Culture
  • Bronze award (No. 3) on “2014 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Contest” sponsored by Taipei City Government