IoT medical healthcare solution

Our solution helps people to optimize their health and fitness in terms of physical abilities, so that we utilize advanced technologies, such as AI, Big Data, Robotics and IoT, with advanced sports medical and orthopedics. In the long term, people want to be healthy and energetic at the age of like seventy, eighty. In the short term, athletes want to win the game like three months, six months later. Our solution helps people to achieve their desired goal in their life in terms of physical conditioning. Since 2015, under the partnership with Intel Corporation, we started to deliver high-speed and high accuracy motion analysis solution, based with Intel’s IoT devices such as Edison, Curie and further IoT products. For AI part, we will have support from IBM Watson by the end of this year. For kinetical motion analysis, we involve Graduate School of Medicine on orthopedics at Showa University.