Customer experience analytics tool for event

THINKTANK does data driven research and development. We believe change is the only constant and we always adapt and improvise. We help key clients to monitor and analyze earthquakes in Taiwan. We also help our partners to do real time fraud detection for enterprises and banks. The glue which keeps THINKTANK’s offering together is data. THINKTANK provides CLAPP.IO and Clappio Website: About CLAPPIO, its a shooting game for your emotions. It empowers you to use thumb technology to give anonymous, gesture-based feedback, helping businesses to measure and improve customer experience. CLAPPIO allows you to get realtime feedback on your event whether it be a TV Program, speech, keynote, conference, or concert. CLAPPIO tallies up audience likes and dislikes in real time and these analytics can be displayed anywhere you like – including for the presenters themselves instantly! Exit Website: Enables users around the world use the right exits in their Subway/MRT/MTR/TUBE stations to get their destinations faster thus saving time, money, space and effort collectively and making a smarter city.

Key success

  • CLAPPIO: Top 20 best ideas for Taiwan IDEAS SHOW 2015
  • EXIT: Winner of public choice award in HACKNTU 2015